Research Interest

During my Master’s years I developed a strong interest towards Statistical Physics, Complex Systems, Computational Physics, Networks dynamics, Monte Carlo Algorithms and Molecular Dynamics Simulation. I strive to work in a context where theory about physical and real-life complex systems can be tested by, and give insights into, simulation methods.

This led me to work on a Master thesis in investigating the emergence of ecological patterns through simulation of interacting DNA single strands. Inspired and motivated by experimental results obtained through a molecular biology platform (SELEX), the aim of the project is to analyze, investigate and explain the emergence of “species” in a population of competing and evolving DNA species.

I'm doing this work with collaborations of Professor Samir Simon Suweis and Doct. Fracesco Mambretti at Università degli studi di Padova. The all research group is LIPh lab.

In future I would like to learn more about Complex Systems Theory, Monte Carlo Algorithms, Network Theory and exploit the mathematical machinery typical of computational methods.

Nicolo' Pedrani

nicolo.pedrani at

Physics Department
University of Milan
Celoria 16

Job Experience

Tour Guide

I worked at FLABS (Fondazione Lombardia per l’Ambiente, Milan). It offers the opportunity to visit its own physics laboratories. My role was to guide students (of all ages) through these labs, explaining physics experiments and the theoretical physics framework.


I'm currently working as tutor at Camplus, which is a University Campus offering students private lessons to prepare their exams.


I’m working as informatics teacher at Sacro Cuore Gallarate High School.

Football Coach

I have always loved playing football and last year I decided to start training kids at ASD Nicolo' Rezzara Football Team.

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